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How We Protect Your Information

At Valley, we take protecting and securing your financial and your protected health information just as seriously as we take your care.

In 2014, before migrating to a fully digital chart and office system, we retained HIPAA and IT experts to design our entire IT network from the ground up to ensure that all of your information was protected and seucre.

Every point of data transfer is password protected, encrypted, monitored, and capable of being audited right down to the user and time stamped. Additionally, we screen every vendor for HIPAA compliance. It may interest you to know, that our “orange tablets” used for checkin are not only state of the art, but they are an industry leader in privacy security measures and our staff routinely completes training and refresher courses to ensure our protocols meet the highest possible standards.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Our Practice Administrator and Coompliance Coordinator would be happy to discuss all of the specific measures we take to keep your data safe and protected.

In fact, we get accused of going a little overboard with protection – even our doctors have trouble sometimes getting into the chart through all of the security measures.

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